It is up to courage to act or not in change

Review "Who Moved My Cheese?"

I just found out and read this book which is quite popular. This simple story give us a wisdom about how to do it in a changing situation. We should smell the cheese often so we know when it's getting old. But the most impressive sentence is the following.

What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid?

It is up to courage to act or not in change. Recognizing change is important, but above all, we need courage.


  • He painted a picture in his mind. He saw himself venturing out into the Maze with a smile on his face. While this picture surprised him, it made him feel good. He saw himself getting lost now and then in the Maze, but felt confident he would eventually find New Cheese out there and all the good things that came with it. He gathered his courage.
  • He had believed that there may not be any Cheese in the Maze, or he may not find it. Such fearful beliefs were immobilizing and killing him.
  • What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid?
  • Haw now realized that the change probably would not have taken him by surprise if he had been watching what was happening all along and if he had anticipated change.
  • Smell The Cheese Often So You Know When It Is Getting Old
  • She said, “I'm curious. How many here are afraid of change?” No one responded so she suggested, “How about a show of hands?” Only one hand went up. “Well, it looks like we've got one honest person in our group !” she said. And then continued, “Maybe you'll like this next question better. How many here think other people are afraid of change?” Practically everyone raised their hands. Then they all started laughing. “What does that tell us?” “Denial,” Nathan answered. “Sure,” Michael admitted. “Sometimes we're not even aware that we're afraid.
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